Tyee Season!

| July 28, 2015

Everything changed on July 15…well not everything, just everything related to fishing in Campbell River.
First of all, we have the Lighthouse Closure, which goes from July 15th to August 31st. This closure outline runs from the North end of the Cape Mudge Village due west for one mile, and then runs southeast until it intersects a line- which runs between the Red Can and the old Rona. It follows that line till it reaches the Red Can and then travels back to the Lighthouse, and then finally back to the North end of the Cape Mudge Village. Got It? Not really? It all boils down to the fact that the Hump area is still open until you cross the line between the Red Can and Rona. Not the end of the world since there are still plenty of fish at the Hump, the Green Can and Francisco Point.
The second rule change affects Discovery Passage from the Old Mill down to the Hidden Harbour breakwater and all the way across to Quadra Island. This rule change, which is in effect from July 15th to September 30th, limits the amount of weight you can use and basically makes it illegal to fish with downriggers, flashers, dodgers, spinners and bait. So, we’re talking about trolling plugs and spoons with a six ounce (or lighter) line weight.
Which brings us to the Tyee Pool and the official opening of the 2015 rowboat season. Hooray! Time to dig out those old Rich-Make rods, Peetz Reels, Gibbs Stewart spoons and Lucky Louis plugs. Time to prep the rowboat and make sure the old Johnson four-horse still runs. Time to dream the dream of landing a monster Chinook and taking home the Tyee Man trophy (even if you are a girl!). But don’t dream of doing it from your Grady White because the area in front of Tyee Spit is closed to powerboats…oar power only! So make sure you’re at least 250 yards offshore when you motor by in your powerboat, and please slow down for the sake of the rowers. Landing a 30 pound fish on twenty pound test is hard enough without having to battle a choppy three foot wake as well.

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishin’.

Dwayne Mustard

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