Salmon Are Biting Big!

| May 15, 2015

First Catch of the Season

Salmon fishing in the sea is fun!  In May I start to transition to summer saltwater fishing.  I am the Head Guide at Painter’s Lodge in Campbell River – The Salmon Fishing Capital of the World since 1896 when British journalist Sir Richard Musgrave wrote about the exceptional fishing at the mouth of the Campbell River. His article appeared in the popular London sporting journal called “The Field” and boasted about the 19 Tyees (salmon greater than 30 pounds) he caught, the largest being a massive 70 pound (31 kilograms) salmon.

It looks like the legendary Tyee salmon are coming back this season.  I went out solo fishing to check my gear and boat and to break in my motor.  First day out and BAM – a 27 pounder.  Not a Tyee, but definitely a great start.

Book a trip with me at Painter’s Lodge this summer.  I’d love to guide you to your big salmon!


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