Great Lures for Pink and Sockeye Salmon – Wigglewood lures.

| January 11, 2011


Hey anglers, it’s that time of year when I get to spend a lot of time in the shop creating new versions of my Wigglewoods to meet the coming season. Not that the existing colour line isn’t producing. In fact the Cotton Candy pink is one of my hottest sellers. I have personally caught rainbows, cutties, sockeye and pink salmon all on this colour alone. But as they say, “Variety is the spice of life.” Also, we have been getting requests for some specific colours to round out our line. As a result I have come up with our “White” line. Lure combos designed for those bright, sunny days on the water. These things catch fish like crazy when some of the darker colours slow down. I have also made an improvement to my Licorice stick colour. We have changed the way the sparkles are added to make a more flashy lure designed to trigger strikes on those darker days or during low light hours. So have a gander at these colours and see if your catch doesn’t improve this year.
In addition you will see that we have perfected our single hook rig. By using a bobber stop between the bead and hook you get a proper hook placement and perfect hook sets every time. Make sure you get some of these for next summer’s pink fishery.

Written by:
Rick Janzen
Wigglewood Lures Manufacturer
Fly Fishing Instructor
Freshwater Fishing Instructor
and Avid Saltwater Fisherman

Here’s some videos of the Wigglewood – Cotton Candy lure at work:

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