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Port Alberni Inlet Sockeye Salmon – Fishing Report – June 28,2010

| June 28, 2010

Today was the first day out for me since the limit went from two per day to four.  Fully expecting to limit, I brought my big cooler to bring all the fish home, I brought extra garbage bags and a boat load of people.  We got out to China Creek and dropped our gear and within minutes we were playing Sockeye!  My daughter lost 4, my friend lost 1, I lost 2, and my father-in law lost 2… we went 0 for 9 in the first hour.  The second hour we landed 2 out of 3. The third hour we didn’t even get a hit!  Well, we weren’t exactly on our game today… if we had landed all the fish we caught, it would have been a great day! We did get to see a seal fight off an Eagle over a Sockeye carcass.

If you are heading out to fish the Sockeye in Port Alberni, you may want to try to be on the water and fishing by 4:30am.  If you don’t have your limit by 6am, chances are you won’t have it by 5pm.  So get there early and get’r done.

Tight lines,
Ian B.

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