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Port Alberni Inlet Sockeye Salmon – Fishing Report – June 25, 2010

| June 25, 2010

My Daughter caught her very first Sockeye salmon this morning… she would bonk it, but she wouldn’t hold it for the picture! Anyhow, we were out today and I’m sad to report that we did not get our limit, we lost a tremendous amount of fish at the boat.  The bite was really on fire this morning until around 6:45am, then it completely shut off for us.

The DFO has finally decided to raise the sporty limit to 4 per day and it will be Saturday June 26th at 00:01! However, the limit remains the same for Papermill Dam, 2 per day.

The Clutesi boat launch is a busy place, and right now the tide is very low at 4:30am.  So, if you have a big boat then you want to use the upstream side of the boat launch, its a little deeper.  


The last two days that I have been out I have seen two boats turn the wrong way at the mouth of the Somass river when heading out to the fishing grounds.  After you launch at the clutesi boat ramp, you are supposed to head down river staying to the left of the green markers in the middle of the river. Then you are to remain inside the marking pilings until you are into the open water.  The confusion I have witnessed with boaters is: when they are coming out of the river and entering the inlet they keep a straight course down the inlet instead of staying within the markers which takes them on a slow left hand turn before exiting into the inlet.  The problem with going outside the marking pilings is that when you leave the marked path you are going to run aground.  Yesterday, I saw what looked like a double eagle stuck in the sand bar and the boaters were obviously waiting for the tide to come in to float them again. Today I saw a loaded down Boston Whaler going out in front of me and they took what they thought was a short cut at the river mouth and ended up running aground as well…

I have made a really bad diagram of what you should and should not do when exiting the somass river into the inlet.   If you are in any doubt at all, stay between the clearly marked pilings, the course from the river mouth into the inlet is a slow left hand turn! 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great info on Clutesi! I'm sure it'll save some people. Do you know if it is easier to launch out of China Creek on these very low tides?

  2. Steelhead says:

    Sorry for the late reply, I prefer Clutesi in any tide… its just the line-up that can drive you a little crazy there. I think you can make a reservation at China creek…

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