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Kitimat 2009 – Epic Coho Fishing

| January 11, 2010

Every summer I try to convince my father in-law to go back up to his home waters in Kitimat to fish for those huge, exciting Coho and every summer it never pans out. This year was different, I had an open invitation to fish with an extremely experienced fisherman and guide in Kitimat. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up an invitation like that, so I hopped on a flight for three days of fishing in the Douglas Channel.When I landed at the airport, I wasn’t really prepared for the weather, it resembled more of a November day than mid August. The previous week I had spent up in Barklay Sound in 30 degree sunshine. The day I arrived was Friday afternoon and the weather was a blowing rain and when Owen picked me up we headed directly for the marina and out into the channel for some late afternoon fishing. As soon as I got into the boat I knew I was in for adventure, as the waves were big and the rain was relentless, awesome!! That night we managed to score 2 in the boat, the Coho in Kitimat are legendary for their size, and I was not disappointed as the smallest one was 12lbs.
The next morning we got up early and we fished the wall in flat calm water, but nonstop rain! We fished the wall hard, Jimmy blew a couple of fish and I never even had a bite. By noon we decided that it was time to move down the channel, the weather had changed by that point and we slammed waves and endured crazy rain for the 45 minute ride. I mean you know its wet out when your rain slicks are letting water in! Owen the ‘Coho Genius’ got us safely behind an island and we tried our luck for some hali’s. We set anchor got the bait down, then we all fell asleep in the boat… an hour and half later nothing… so back home we went. Soaked and with only one fish on board.

Sunday we hit the water early again. The rain wasn’t nearly as bad, it was just a wet haze. We got out to the wall and lowered our bait, and right off the bat, we were nailing them. The Coho fought admirably, and we lost as many as we caught. By noon we were done with our boat full of Coho, limits! Not only that we were followed for about 15 minutes by a pair of Humpback Whales.

Anyhow, our arms were sore, and I was tired… three days in the Douglas Channel beat the crap out of me. It was a great trip and Owen and Jimmy went beyond the call of duty to be hospitable and show me some of the best fishing this planet has to offer. Thanks guys! It was definitely an adventure I will do again!

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Tight lines,

Ian B.

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Comments (4)

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  1. lambton says:

    I love cohos.
    I would really like to river fish an intimate setting for them out west. I watched a Sportfishing BC show with Mark P where he was fishing a river full of them similar to our systems. That would be a blast on the 15'rs with the Centrepins.

  2. Steelhead says:

    I agree, Coho fishing in the river is where its at, second only to steelheading… I've got to try a 15ft rod one day, the longest I've ever used is 12.5ft.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I grew up in Kitimat and left back in '78. I've been back a couple of times just for the fishing. Last year we made a trip back for a week of coho fishing 2 hours up the Douglas Channel to the Giltoyees River. Wow, what an unbelievably spectacular place. If you ever go back, plan a couple of days to do that in late August for the coho run up the river. I managed a couple on my fly rod, biggest was just on 15 lbs.
    Enjoyed reading your blog, nice work !!

  4. Steelhead says:

    I have never heard of the Giltoyees River, I have fished the Dalla tho… I love fishing the Coho in Kitimat. I will be sure to check out that river if we have time.