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Angler Goes Over The Stamp River Falls… Locals are HEROES.

| January 25, 2010
A Burnaby angler was trying to float from the falls pool to the gun club.  Apparently he got the launch information from a friend, but obviously it turned out to be bad information.  He launched his pontoon boat at the falls provincial park, which is directly above the Stamp River falls.  The falls is higher and more dangerous than anyone would willingly pontoon or kayak.  I have never heard of anyone going over the falls, ever.  Anyhow, he went over the falls and he tried to inflate his manual CO2 pull type life vest, but he was not able to get it inflated.  So, he kept his arms and legs out and bounced down to the bottom of the falls and then apparently just scrambled with his waders full of water to the falls pool rock bluff. Where the shore anglers struggled to help him.  Rollie, the longtime guide of Murphy’s Sportfishing ended up picking up this angler in his jet boat, and was able to retrieve the anglers pontoon boat and then took him downstream to warm up in his truck. He was not injured at all and only lost his rod and one oar. To quote David Murphy,
“The guy should buy a lottery ticket… It should be a good warning for others as things happen quickly on fast moving river”.  According to David Murphy, they have picked at least one angler per year out of the water, and normally the anglers that need rescuing are first time Stamp river pontooners.  I would completely agree with David, I hope that this will be a warning to all those that think they can pontoon the Stamp river without the help of an experienced drifter.  The Stamp river is fast wide and deep, with many obstacles, be careful on the river. Thanks to Rollie and the shore anglers that helped to save this mans life… you guys are heroes!
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This is a video of the Stamp Falls in the summer… not during the rains!
Tight lines,

Ian B.

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Comments (4)

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  1. derekja says:

    wow, that's terrifying! I stood on the edge of the walkway, behind a fence, and still felt nervous. I can't imagine going through that and living. Lottery ticket, indeed!

  2. Steelhead says:

    Anybody that survives that without any kind of injury, or with his life, just experienced a miracle!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Thank goodness he made it out alive. My brother wasn't so fortunate. In 1984, during the month of July, he went down this river on a raft and tried getting off before he reached the falls. Unfortunately, he was swept over.

  4. Steelhead says:

    I'm really sorry about the loss of your brother, hopefully others will learn from this accident.